Wiyake is the musical project of the singer and keyboardist Cléo Penet.
As a multi-influenced artist, she shapes her pieces like a painter would: Against a backdrop of contemplative pop, the contrasting harmonies of a french-style Neo soul alternate with the colorful pattern of an alternative and hybrid R&B. Each ballad is a story to listen to, a drawing to observe, narrated by the meanders of a sweet and intriguing melody.
In 2017, after the release of her first EP “Wiyake”, she decides to avail the enthusiasm aroused by her track “Yumimeya” and to extend the adventure. In order to bring her pieces to life on stage, she surrounds herself with three artists and friends:
Alexandre Butlen (guitar, vocals) , Jérémy Triscos aka Darmusey (drums, synth, samples) and Miguel Da Costa aka shakambo (bass, synth, vocals).
During three years of collaboration everyone shared their ideas to illustrate Cléo's intimate and cinematic universe. The band elaborates a meticulous show tinged with nostalgia, carrying its audience in a soft torpor.
In 2020, from this joyful cooperation comes a new single, inspired by one of Cléo's trips in Brazil:
“A Bolha”